What’s new in Machete 3.1

Last week I launched Machete 3.1, a new major version with lots of tiny improvements and an extensive code revision. I’ve taken great care not to break existing sites so you can update without any worries. These are the main highlights of the new version.

Lowercase p, dangit!

How to remove the ‘capital_P_dangit’ filter from WordPress

The ‘capital_P_dangit’ is a small piece of code that was added to the WordPress core just before WordPress 3.0 was released. It changes all instances of “Wordpress” (notice the lowercase “p”) to “WordPress” in areas where content is shown on the site. The code, written by Matt Mullenweg himself, was committed to WordPress without a Trac…

Machete 1.5 available with the new maintenance mode module

Machete version 1.5 is fresh out of the oven and it is it’s biggest release ever. Apart from some minor fixes and a much needed code cleanup, I’ve added a function often missed in WordPress: the maintenance mode. With Machete’s maintenance mode you can restrict public access to your site while you keep on working…