The WordPress toolbox you need

Machete solves common annoyances:
header bloat, tracking codes, maintenance mode…

Our Philosophy

If you really need it, at least make it light

Every single component of Machete is enginereed so it has the lightest possible footprint.

Each file is only loaded if needed. At the left you can see admin code is only loaded when you are in the in the admin panel.

Machete Modules

Lots of great tools, more to come


What people are saying about Machete

jose-lazo, a Machete user

Jose Lazo (@jose-lazo)

5-star Rating

Total cleaner

This plugin cleans the entire WordPress header. Great plugin.

Delfir, a Machete user

delfir (@delfir)

5-star Rating

Great Plugin

There a lot of functions in Machete that I’ll review only two: the maintenance mode toggle it’s great and the cookies bar is well solved

Luke Cavanagh, a Machete user

Luke Cavanagh (@lukecavanagh)

5-star Rating

Really Handy Plugin

Testing it on a dev site, works very well.

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